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We are very passionate small team dedicated for providing best in class training in different programming languages and innovative IT solutons . Our motto is a community with high expectation and high coding standards.

  • IT solutions.
  • Training & certification.
  • Embedded and IoT.





Why Choose Anirudh Tech?

We know your enthusiasm to learn new languages and technology. We are expert in teaching it in a way that is application oriented. So you will find the courses more worthy and fun. We are pledged to provide the lessons in top quality and affordable for all, whether you are a student, working professional or an enthusiast, you will find our teaching worthy.

Practice oriented

We are more focused on hands on experience other than boring lectures. But we have designed theory materials that are more detailed and easy to understand.

Live & interactive

You will get a new experience of interactive class, you can clear your doubts lively and learn new concepts with real world examples.

Grade your knowledge

We have grading exams to test your knowledge, and get certified. Also you have another option to just complete the training and grab a trained certificate. You will be assessed with practical exam, viva and written exam.

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Anirudh Tech

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